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The Secrets of Greenpeace:

MI6 coverage, for the British Empire.

By Seprin.


That is what one of the British companies of psychological action has dedicated itself to, whose action has used ecology and the defense of green spaces for the acquisition of markets and strategic resources in favor of Great Britain at the same time it is also concerned with destroying all indigenous technological development by any country that affects its own interests.


"Give me control of the economy of a country and I will not care who makes its laws."

Mayer Amschel Rothschild


nothing more perverse and effective than appealing to the noble feelings or ethical values ??of the human being inserted in the social conscience of a people or a nation in order to use and manipulate them to the detriment of the set of interests that it represents.

Without a doubt in this globalized world, this is as regular as the air you breathe. In the current world context, the market has been in charge of perfecting this system to the point of achieving influence on the attitudes, moods and behaviors of the human being in all aspects and levels of his life without neglecting or leaving it to chance. any situation, obtaining as a direct consequence the most brilliant result of the application of this social engineering system: consumption.

The system that Social Engineering represents, and its mechanisms of psychosocial induction such as Psychological Action and the methods of manipulation and subliminal influence, although in its application they seem to be complicated, its operation is so easy to explain that it can be compared with the communication system Basic consisting of a sender, a message, a channel and a receiver.


When one asks how much information can influence our behavior, the answer is simple, straightforward and comparable with everyday situations, such as when in different media it refers to a growing wave of assaults or insecurity (Security is a feeling or state of mind) when going outside one begins to take certain precautions or to distrust any passerby, it is anticipated when going out alone or at night.

This precautionary or preventive action is the same as that of going out with an umbrella or a pilot if it was heard by any means that rain is forecast; nothing but an induced reflex. Although this reaction was the product of the logical deduction of the fact that if it was about to rain it was better to carry an umbrella to avoid getting wet, the deduction was fully induced. All these forms of manipulation that are intended to influence the behaviors, attitudes and moods of a specific target audience are called PSYCHOLOGICAL ACTION.

This simple and simple mechanism of effective awareness can be applied and directed in a massive or selective way under any type of ideology that is used, as one of the silent weapons par excellence by means of which to carry out an attack on a specific human group or target public. in any aspect, be it political, economic, ideological, cultural, ethnic, religious, etc.

It is already widely known the research work carried out by the special departments of the British Ministry of Defense in charge of Psychological Warfare and the deep knowledge and practice that they have acquired in this particular field together with their American counterparts.

Aware of the wide advantage of the use achieved by the Strategic Cultural Intelligence (ICE) developed by the Foreign Office consisting of the total and absolute knowledge of the history, culture, religion, politics, idiosyncrasy, contradictions, etc. of a country or a determined nation; The British have known how to take advantage of the knowledge or intelligence carried out at a higher level about a certain country to exploit contradictions, provoke civil wars, social struggles and ethnic, racial, cultural, political and religious conflicts throughout the world.

Although less bloody, cheaper, profitable and effective, the application of social engineering and psychological action in globalization has found its use in acquiring markets and protecting strategic UK resources in different parts of the world.

This is what one of the British companies of psychological action has dedicated itself to, whose action has used ecology and the defense of green spaces for the acquisition of markets and strategic resources in favor of Great Britain at the same time it is also concerned with destroying all indigenous technological development by any country that affects its own interests.

This is the particular case of the world-renowned business firm GREENPEACE limited liability company whose actions; Although on a global level it unilaterally agrees in the defense of English interests, we will take care to carefully analyze its activity on national territory.


With much advertising pomp and aimed at a certain young and not so young public, GREENPEACE presents itself to the world as an international Dutch environmental organization dedicated to the "Protection of the environment and ecology", according to its Social Object with which it appears registered in the statute of its foundation in the registry of the General Inspection of Justice (IGJ.

GREENPEACE ARGENTINA, with address at calle MANSILLA 3046. Federal Capital. Tel . , was incorporated in Argentina on January 12, 1987 in the Notary Public David P. Rocca Statutes approved by the IGJ - Res Nº 000884 of DEC 1487, Exp. C-10.139, appointing authorities at that time to:

- President: Beatríz María ALASIA DE HEREDIA. Date of Birth: 22ABR42. ID: LC 4.278.887 - Resident abroad.

- Secretary: Tani Marilena ADAMS. Argentina with British nationality. Resident abroad.

- Treasurer: Stephan Gregory SAWYER. British nationality. Resident abroad.

- Councilor: Jorge ROMANO. Resident abroad.

- Representative: Pablo BERGEL. ID: LE 4,549,845.

On that occasion, the procedures were initiated on NOV 1786 by Georgina GENTILE, domiciled in Tucumán 941, 5º “k”, Federal Capital; Civil status, divorced, ID: DNI 3,300,367 with special power of attorney from the international STICHING GREENPEACE COUNCIL, obtained before the Lewes (United Kingdom) notary public, Paul Gerard ARDAGH.

Greenpeace Argentina, was initially established with a base equity of $ 10,000, recognizing itself as part of an international organization and a member of the STICHING GREENPEACE COUNCIL whose founders are David Mc TAGGART and Ben METCALFE.

In its payroll of employees, in the annual balance sheet as of DEC 31, 95 made by the GREENPEACE accountant, Silvana Edith REVANEIRA (CPCE. Cap. T. 222, Fo. 67), the following people:

1) Pablo BERGEL Cuil: 

2) Javier PUENTES Cuil:

3) Stella Maris HIGA Cuil:

4) Francisco DÍAZ Cuil:

5) Verónica ODRIOZOLA (Representative) Cuil:

6) Emiliano EZCURRA ESTRADA Cuil:

7) Juan Carlos VILLALONGA Cuil:

8) Gustavo JUAN Cuil:

9) Patricia PERSKY Cuil:

10) Leonardo G. SILVA Cuil:

11) Claudia MOLINA Cuil:

Among other lawyers, he has ties to Dr. Martín PRIETO, Dr. Luis MURGA, and Drs. HEREDIA and BARSANTI.

Your funds are deposited in several banks including:

- Banco Citibank Cta. Pers. In pesos.

- Banco Citibank Cta. Pers in Dollars.

- Citibank Bank of New York.

- National Bank Savings Bank.

What is interesting about GREENPEACE ARGENTINA's financial years are its details on the origins of its funds, whose grants reflect the significant amounts of money received from abroad that clearly exceed all forms of fundraising for the foundation, a fact that evidently reveals the lobbying action that through these funds is exercised on GREENPEACE for certain and specific campaigns, as can be seen below.


94/95/96/97. 31 DEC94 / 31 DEC95

- Foreign subsidies 834,433.50 - 592,052.53

- Employee fees 25,942.67 - 29,343.46

- Profits from sales 48,817.20 - 16,730.67

- Other income 8,600, 40 - 14,948.74

- Administration expenses 274,937.65. 246,310.06 31

DEC96 / 31 DEC97

- Foreign subsidies 423,110.98 - 447,886.71

- Employee fees 89,998.99 - 276,825.23

- Profits from sales 59,394.43 - 8,485.95

- Other income 66,121.75 - 78,315.42

- Expenses administration 217,941.03 - 225,899.71


As it has done publicly through its various annual campaigns carried out, we will take for the analysis the example of that of 1997. In the aforementioned campaign, it was proposed on that occasion to achieve the following objectives:

1.- Impose legislation in accordance with the English concept of ecology.

2.- Promote Patagonia as a NON-NUCLEAR REGION.

3.- Confront the illegal European and Asian fishing fleets in the South Atlantic.

4.- Avoid the Expansion of the nuclear generation capacity or the extension of the useful life of the power plants.

5.- Avoid the INVAP medium capacity reactor project initiative.

6.- Prevent the conclusion of Atucha II.

7.- Support the nuclear power plant closure plan “2010 without Nuclear Energy.”

An analysis of the objectives of their campaigns clearly show the psychological action that behind the mask of ecology hides its true objectives, which are:

1. - Prevent all kinds of technological development in developing countries.

a) In Argentina, it concentrates its actions on the attack on Argentine nuclear research and technological development through the systematic campaign carried out against Argentine nuclear power plants, and not against thermoelectric plants, which are polluting and owned by British capital.

2.- Lobbying through the Psychological Action (AP) campaigns with the excuse of ecology to attack concessions of capital outside the British in favor of the latter.

a) The clearest example of this was when in June 1998, after an extensive campaign carried out in defense of the jaguars of the Yungas jungle; which included the adhesion of the painter Uriburu, lobbying at the national congress and demonstrations in front of the headquarters of the Techint company; the one that had been carried out in order to prevent the construction of the Norandino gas pipeline that ran through it and that Techint was building for the French-owned company Tractebel; After his extensive campaign of psychological action (for which foreign funds usually rained down), he succeeded in getting the Federal Judge of Salta, Susana CÓRDOBA, to order the suspension of the gas pipeline works;

b) The same situation occurs with the constant campaign that Greenpeace carries out in order to denounce the "Devastation" of the JAPANESE fishing fleet in the south of our country, but neglecting to mention the depredation of the fish wealth that the ENGLISH fleets do so much like the RUSSIANS who fish with the permission of the first, and who never bothered to report or mention.

3.- Create a false awareness about pollution and global warming (Greenhouse Effect), making third world or developing countries responsible for the pollution of the planet, being instead the developed ones of the so-called “First world” the main emitters of carbon dioxide, pollutant.

a) They blame consumers for deodorants and other CFC-packaged products, but they do nothing specifically against refrigerator factories and refrigeration gas-producing plants such as FREON, the main pollutant sources and industrial monopolies of Canadian, American and US capital. British.

It is evident from the above that the actions of GREENPEACE (which has nothing to do with ARGENTINO), is not systematic or constant on crucial points such as the defense of ecology that is attributed so much, in general and disinterestedly, but by far acts specifically on specific objectives for which it carries out certain campaigns, which is reflected in the fact of the great leaps that exist in them and the importance that at the media level is given to certain actions that the organization carries out coinciding with the arrival of funds from abroad and whose echo goes around the world, coincidentally with everything inherent to actions fully framed within their strategic objectives, which are:the defense of strategic resources for the benefit of Great Britain and partner countries and the attack of all kinds of indigenous technological development.

The simplicity with which GREENPEACE operates through an arduous media bombardment without appealing to anything other than noble sentiments, which leads media figures of known relevance to youth (the preferred target audience and the majority target audience par excellence of these organizations) to support everything The type of campaigns that the organization carries out even against what is framed within the national strategic interests, once evidenced that the disinformation filled in on a certain undeniable degree of ignorance, sometimes based on ignorance or even good faith, can be the least expensive and most effective of the enemy's weapons, manipulation through psychological action.

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"All truth goes through three stages: First it is ridiculed, secondarily it suffers violent opposition, and three, it is accepted as SELF-EVIDENT."

Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher,