The truth will never be in the ignorant, in the cowards, in the accomplices, in the servile and even less in the idiots.

Spies and businessmen.

By Christian Sanz.

For all those who do not know it, in Argentina there is something called the Public Ethics Law -national regulation number 25,188, updated by decree , which establishes, in its first article "a set of applicable duties, prohibitions and incompatibilities , without exception, to all people who perform in the public function at all levels and hierarchies, permanently or temporarily, by popular election, direct appointment, by competition or by any other legal means, extending its application to all magistrates, officials and employees of the State. A public function is understood to be any temporary or permanent activity, remunerated or honorary, carried out by a person on behalf of the State or in the service of the State or its entities, at any of its hierarchical levels ".

Likewise, in its extensive fifth chapter, called "incompatibilities and conflict of interests", in articles 13, 14, 15 and 16, it establishes - and makes it clear - that "it is incompatible with the exercise of the public function:

a) D irigir, manage, represent, sponsor, advise, or otherwise, serve who manages or concession that is provider of the State, or perform activities regulated by it, provided that the public position held is competent direct functional, regarding the contracting, obtaining, management or control of such concessions, benefits or activities .

b) S er provider itself or by third parties of any body of the State in which performs its duties. Those officials who have had a decisive intervention in the planning, development and implementation of privatizations or concessions of companies or public services, will be banned from acting in the regulatory entities or commissions of those companies or services, for three (3) years immediately after the last award in which they participated ".

In the event that at the time of his appointment the official finds himself affected by any of the incompatibilities provided for in article 13, he must:

a) Resigning from such activities as a precondition for assuming the position.

b) Refrain from taking part, during his management, in matters particularly related to the people or matters to which he was linked in the last three (3) years or has a corporate participation. These incompatibilities will be applied without prejudice to those that are determined in the specific regime of each function.

In turn, this law penalizes with imprisonment from two to six years all those who enriched themselves during the exercise of their public function -and at the expense of this-, further adding that those who during the term are also affected by the scope of said penalty. exercise of their functions participate in crimes to the detriment of the public administration.

However, in Argentina today, it seems that there are people who are safe from what the aforementioned rule says. In the case of the unpresentable Chief Operating Officer of the Ministry of Intelligence ex side- the "barber" according stated in his registration with the AFIP Antonio Horacio Stiusso, m to s known as Jaime ditto, promptly denounced by this newspaper (1).

Stiusso is the victim these days of the evils of an Internet blog that seems to be part of an internal one of the former SIDE itself and where some internal issues are brought to light that complicate it strongly, not only him but also his "partner" and partner, the delegate of the Intelligence Secretariat at the Ezeiza International Airport, Alejandro Osvaldo Patrizio, better known as Alejandro Parnasso.


According to information provided by the Federal Administration of Public Revenue, Antonio Horacio Stiusso is registered under CUIT 27-14689973-6, declaring as his main activity the code 930201 corresponding to the heading of "hairdressing services", which, according to records, he has been in practice for 13 years.

However, this "public employee" - whom the Law of incompatibility of functions does not seem to make a dent - is a member of two companies, a Public Limited Company and a Limited Liability Company, exercising in the first, neither more nor less than the position vice president. In the second, meanwhile, it is the majority shareholder. The most unusual thing is that both firms are direct suppliers of the Argentine State. But let's go in parts.

According to the General Inspection of Justice (IGJ) dated 03/20/1997, the company Construcciones y Tecnología SA has as members and partners the following people:

1) Cecconi Enrico PAS 915877, Dom: Via Guelfo Civinini nro 35, Rome, Italy, Born: 01/26/39, Born: Italian, Prof: Engineer, Married

2) Stiusso Antonio Horacio DNI 10.887.186, Dom: Jose Marti 2666, San Justo, Pcia Bs As, F. Born: 06/21/53, Born: Argentina, Prof: Engineer, Married .

3) García Horacio Germán DNI 10,887,700, Dom: Pasteur 3023, San Justo, Pcia Bs As, F. Birth: 02/10/53, Nac: Argentina, Prof: Engineer, Married .

4) Marchand Alberto Hugo DNI 8.252.535, Dom: Alvear 1800, floor 1 "B", Buenos Aires, F. Birth: 04/09/46, Birth: Argentina, Prof: Businessman, Married .

The date of incorporation of Construcciones y Tecnología as a company - in which Stiusso holds the position of Vice President - dates from March 4, 1997 and its corporate purpose refers to "commercial matters ...; construction company ...; financial ... ; agricultural ...; real estate .... ". Clearer, pour water on it.

Burn those videos

The second company in which Stiusso has a stake is called American Tape SRL - phantom of another third that operates under the name Digital Tape with CUIT Nro: 27-14689973-6- and is dedicated to the sale of video cassettes . It is not difficult to imagine where the Secretary of Intelligence buys the tapes it uses to record its activities.

According to IGJ records, under No. 4497, American Tape was incorporated on June 8, 1994 and declares Juan Carlos Ioanu, Horacio Germán García, Ricardo Kleinberg and ... Stiusso as members and partners.

This striking company, with a tax address established at Av. Jujuy 240 - telephone, business address in Lavalle 2024 Floor 1, and with a single vehicle brand Volkswagen Vento TDI 105 domain HIH079 - recently "freed itself" from a judicial seizure of the national treasury by a whopping $ 1,381,119.

According to the employers' registry, American Tape declares that it has six employees whose salaries do not exceed $ 1,200 (See annex 1) despite the fact that, according to the records of Exports in Imports (See annex 2), during the month of February 2008 operated for the sum of US $ 16,342 and in the month of March for the amount of US $ 106,671. Variations so disparate, with an amplitude of 800 percent, can only occur in Argentina and under the cloak of impunity.

Coincidentally, most imports (See Annex 3) consist of videotapes and recording material and magnetic media. And there a necessary question arises: Are the companies American Tape and Digital Tape - Suppliers of Patagonik Films, Pol-Ka, Production Actual, Channel A, Artear, Metrovisión Producciones SA, and their collaterals SKTEC (Xerox Supplier, Verite Distributors Group) - in addition to being direct suppliers of the Secretariat of Intelligence itself, do you have other interests in mind?

Only if this were the case would Stiusso's relationship with the smuggling of electronic items by his partner at Ezeiza Airport, the immovable Alejandro Osvaldo Patrizio, who is also well known for being the drug portal in Ezeiza, under the protection from Stiusso himself and with the permission of certain members of the Judicial Power, precisely from the federal jurisdiction.

It would also explain Antonio Horacio Stiusso's interest in promoting the highly questioned Spy Law, which requires companies that provide telecommunications services to store all types of traffic for a period of 10 years, either via the Internet or by telephone. According to sources consulted by this means, Stiusso himself would have paved the way to be a supplier of magnetic support and the technology through which telecommunications companies should enforce the aforementioned law.

Jaime, the rancher

But there seems to be something more than business and smuggling of electronics and drugs in the relationship between the famous Director of Operations and Patrizio: both share "rural" interests at the hands of Stiusso's front man, Juan Carlos Ioanu.

They do it through the company Los Pajonales SA - Does it have something to do with the expression "straw men"? -, constituted before the IGJ by deed of June 11, 2001, nº 186, registry 676 of the City of Buenos Aires, and with address at Calle 11 de Septiembre 2140, p. 13th "A".

Its corporate purpose consists of:

a) Slaughter of livestock and animals of any kind, chopping and meat processing . b) Marketing of livestock and animals and meat products . c) Operation of agricultural, livestock, forestry, dairy, fruit, poultry or farm establishments . d) Automotive transportation of livestock and food products . e) Financial operations related to the corporate purpose, capital contributions, giving and taking loans with or without collateral, excluding operations included in the law of financial entities and those that require the aid of public savings. 

Apart from Los Pajonales there is another firm that belongs to them called Cabaña Don Enrico, under the ownership of Stiusso's partner -and former SIDE agent-, Horacio Germán García, DNI 10,887,700, coincidentally also by profession "Engineer". This last company was incorporated on December 1, 1998 and its corporate purpose is to carry out the following activities: 1) Commercial; 2) Agriculture; 3) Livestock; 4) Real Estate; 5) Services; 6) Construction company; 7) Financial; 8) Transportation; 9) Export and import.

Finally, there is a third firm calledEstablishment El peregrino SA where, under deed No. 44 of March 31, 2008, Horacio Germán García, Guido Carlos Zoratto and Alejandro Osvaldo Patrizio have been initialed as partners. The purpose of this company is to carry out on its own account, third parties or associated with third parties, the following activities:

Exploitation of own or third-party agricultural, farmer and forestry establishments. Administration and / or exploitation of all livestock agricultural activities in general, such as poultry, beekeeping, fruit, wine, horticultural, dairy and seedbeds. Conservation, breeding and fattening of livestock of all types and species, purchase and sale of livestock, cereals and oilseeds and all kinds of agricultural products. The sale and / or exchange, import, export, brokerage, commission, representation and consignment of raw materials, merchandise and perishable and non-perishable food products and especially grains, cereals, oilseeds, seeds, fruits, and vegetables, livestock, products agrochemicals, veterinary products and rural articles, as well as agricultural machinery and implements, their spare parts and accessories.

When Kirchnerism attacks those who own fields or are linked to agricultural activity, is it referring to these unpresentable?

Patrizio, the pizza maker

The case of Alejandro Patrizio is the most interesting, since he uses the screen of the Tecnit company -CUIT Nº 27-14689973-6- as work cover, where he has worked since 1995 to date. Currently, it organically depends on the General Directorate of Counterintelligence (85) of the SI based at the Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini International Airport.

According to internal information gathered at the time, Patrizio, by order of the then director and deputy director of Counterintelligence, My. Alejandro Brousson and Antonio Stiuso respectively, carried out controls on Rafael Bielsa on the trips he made abroad in order to organize and perpetrate an attack against him, due to the complaints that he had been making through the General Trustees of the Nation.

Alejandro Patrizio is the same one who managed, together with the aforementioned Brousson, the "corridor" of the money taken from Argentina via Ezeiza and headed to different countries, before the economic debacle occurred in times of the government of former president Fernando de la Rúa . Currently, it usually operates for a "portfolio" of fixed customers who travel abroad and enter contraband through the Ezeiza Airport.

Likewise, it is speculated that he had an active participation in the Southern Winds narco-valijas scandal. The conjectures arise from his arrest on January 30, 2005 in the port of the city of Campana with a significant load of cocaine hydrochloride -this medium was the only one that reported it at the time-, a problem that he was able to avoid thanks to his contacts with the top hierarchy of the Intelligence Secretariat.

In addition to the entire branch of business in which it has a stake (2), Patrizio owns a pizzeria located on Juramento Street 1.905 of the City of Buenos Aires, under the trade name Juramento y Tres SRL by deed 199 of the IGJ of 24 of June 2005.

Concluding It is

powerfully noteworthy that no official deigns to scrutinize these types of characters, sinister owners and gentlemen of State budgets, which they use without telling anyone about their activities. Unpresentable that have the complete approval of the Executive Power and the burlesque Bicameral Commission for the Follow-up of Activities and Intelligence Bodies.

Will a prosecutor be encouraged to investigate "ex officio" what is published in these lines? Will organizations like SIGEN or the Anti-Corruption Office dare to advance in the same direction? Needless to add that, if these same crimes had been committed by any other citizen -especially a representative of the countryside-, he would have already paid with the very jail. Questions without answer.


(1) See

(2) Among other businesses, Patrizio is syndicated as one of those responsible for the "portamaletas" trolley rental business in Ezeiza International Airport, under the name Siglo XXI.

ANNEX 1: Employees declared before ANSES.

Cuil of the worker








ANNEX 2: Records of Imports and Exports

Imports / Exports
: This database contains data on all imports of companies operating in Argentina. Provides updated information on all movements to Argentina and relevant details such as year, month and total import and export amounts.

Data source: General Customs Directorate.

Address: LAVALLE 2024 1-3 CAP.
EDF. Postal code: 1051 . Telephone: Importer Number: . Imports - Last 4 quarters :

4th / 2007 U $ S 258,508

1st / 2008 U $ S 123,013

Detail of Imports / Exports

Year Month Imports Exports

1998 January U $ S 31,248 0

1998 March U $ S 31,248 0

1998 April U $ S 15,624 0

1998 June U $ S 31,484 0

1998 July U $ S 15,624 0

1998 August U $ S 15,624 0

1998 September U $ S 73,220 0

1998 October U $ S 15,624 0

1998 November U $ S 15,624 0

1999 January U $ S 238 0

1999 October US $ 1,196 * 0

1999 December US $ 121,695 * 0

2000 May US $ 42,381 * 0

2000 August US $ 46,809 * 0

2000 September US $ 13,760 * 0

2001 January US $ 24,788 * 0

2001 June US $ 24,677 * 0

2002 May US $ 6,840 * 0

2003 September US $ 26,936 * 0

2003 December US $ 19,756 * 0

2004 April US $ 4,068 * 0

2004 May US $ 12,639 * 0

2004 June US $ 6,927 * 0

2004 July US $ 14,004 * 0

2004 August US $ 20,800 * 0

2004 September US $ S 2,448 * 0

2004 November US $ 982 * 0

2004 December US $ 34,028 * 0

2005 March US $ 86,288 * 0

2005 July US $ 81,034 * 0

2005 August US $ 113,299 * 0

2005 September US $ 19,500 * 0

2005 October US $ 124,273 * 0

2005 November US $ 112,567 * 0

2006 February US $ 151,868 * 0

2006 March US $ 5,058 * 0

2006 April US $ 60,999 * 0

2006 October US $ 140,069 * 0

2007 January US $ 153,966 * 0

2007 March US $ 73,326 * 0

2007 April US $ 9,924 * 0

2007 June US $ 184,918 * 0

2007 August US $ 23,344 * 0

2007 September US $ 104,779 * 0

2007 November US $ 258,508 * 0

2008 February US $ 16,342 * 0

2008 March US $ 106,671 * 0

FOB values ??in dollars .

* As of April 1999 and by resolution of the National Customs Directorate, no export data is displayed broken down by entity.

ANNEX 3: Registry of Foreign Trade Activities.


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Lavalle 2024 Floor 1 Capital Cp. 1051

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Of. Jujuy 240 Capital Cp. 1083

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85232924990: Disks tape devices permanent data storage based smart semiconductor cards smart cards and other media for sound recording or recordings similar or not recorded even matrices and galv to nicos for manufacture of disks other than products of Chapter 37 Magnetic media other unrecorded magnetic tapes of a width greater than 6 5 mm in cassettes for video recording the others .

85232922000: Disks, tapes, permanent data storage devices based on semiconductors, smart cards, smart cards, and other media to record sound or analog recordings, recorded or not, including galvanic matrices and molds for the manufacture of discs, except the products of chapter 37, magnetic media, others. unrecorded magnetic tapes of a width greater than 4 mm but less than or equal to 6 5 mm

85232924940: Disks, tapes, permanent data storage devices based on semiconductors, smart cards, smart cards, and other media to record sound or analog recordings, recorded or not, including galvanic matrices and molds for the manufacture of discs, except the products of chapter 37, magnetic media, others unrecorded magnetic tapes greater than 6.5 mm in width in video cassettes, others of 90 minutes in length

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